"OTAROFF" is proud to present premium craft fruit spirits. The guarantee of the superiority and uniqueness of our products is that it is handmade, created in a copper pot still, by double distillation. During distillation, the "head", "heart" and "tail" fractions are separated. After resting for at least 6 months, the "heart" is brought to the appropriate ABV with high-quality water from a specially selected natural spring. Then it is non chill filtered and bottled. "OTAROFF" premium class craft fruit spirits are 100% distillate, i.e. they are produced solely from sun flavored Armenian fruits and berries by natural fermentation, without sugar, without chemical, taste or other additives.


How to properly enjoy fruit spirit

It is recommended to drink fruit spirit with a long tail, tulip shaped glass, the upward narrowing convex form of which allows you to condense the aroma and to feel the taste and the smell of the fruit as much as possible. Before tasting, it is recommended to carry out a visual test: if you gently rotate the glass around its axis with slight variations, the high-quality fruit spirit will form a layer on the walls of the glass, and then slowly slide in the form of drops. 
Moreover, long drops, which slide very slowly, indicate that the fruit is rich in essential oils, and fast sliding wide drops indicate the presence of sugar. The best temperature for serving fruit spirits is 18-22 C0, which allows you to enjoy all the nuances of the aroma. As it warms up in the hand, the scent is released more. At lower temperature it is less intense, and it is difficult to perceive the whole fragrance of the aroma. It is recommended to drink after dinner as well. It will help the organism to digest food easily and will provide a high mood.

Facts and Numbers

To get 1 liter of "OTAROFF" fruit spirit, 10-25 kilograms of fruit or berries are used. In the case when 1.2 kilograms of raw material is used to get wheat vodka. To get whiskey - 1.4 kg of grain is used (barley, malt, corn, etc.).