“OTAROFF” is a company whose main goal is to produce premium quality fruit spirits to enjoy in a family and friends environment. The idea of starting a company has developed not in a day or even a year. Numerous times, we have visited countries with rich fruit traditions, experience, and technology, such as Germany, Austria, France, and Switzerland over the previous 1-2 decades. Comparing the fruit spirits produced there and in Armenia, we noted with regret that the Armenian products are significantly inferior in quality, although there is no doubt that the local fruit is not inferior to the European ones in terms of taste, and we also have a rich tradition of producing fruit spirits. Gradually the idea of producing premium fruit spirits was refined and became a subject.
After many years of research, in 2018 we acquired an handmade copper pot still, from the German state of Bavaria, produced by the Müller family, whose third generation is engaged in the production of high-quality distillation equipment, protected by several copyrights.
At the same time, we have imported the necessary fruit processing equipment, and it is very important to mention that we have established long-term cooperation with various fruit farmers, which allows us to ensure the traceability of our brandies from the field up to the bottle. As a result, we are glad to state that high-quality home-made fruit spirits are already available to Armenian consumers for enjoying in a warm, friendly environment.